Matégot Flower Pot

Designed in 1953 during Mathieu Matégot’s heydays, the Matégot Flower Pot is a proof of his success in turning perforated metal sheet into a refined, elegant material in which design, art and engineering are perfectly combined. This distinctive fabric-like metal sheet, which Matégot named Rigitulle, is crinkled and results in an airy grace that contributes to its genuine sculpture. Available in three different sizes, the Matégot Flower Pot allows playing with its appearance - whether the beauty is seen in pairs of the same sizes, one flower pot on its own or a number of flower pots in different sizes to create a perfect asymmetry. The largest pot can with its multipurpose nature, advantageously, also be used as a wastepaper basket. Available in Venetian Gold in Ø15.5 cm and Ø21 cm, and Midnight Black in all sizes.